We are the first company ever to be granted a license by Ford Motor Company to build a new reproduction Ford automobile. We build the world’s first new reproduction classic Mustang. We have built more consecutive 1966 Mustangs than anyone since Ford in 1966 We developed the M58 platform to provide modern performance, reliability, drivability, and comfort, with improved safety vs. the original. Most of the components developed for the M58 will work on a vintage Mustang. Now all 64-68 Mustang owners can enjoy the benefit of properly engineered and carefully matched components that operate in harmony to deliver an unbeatable combination of performance, reliability, drivability, and comfort, with improved safety Our primary business is building the world’s best Mustangs and Shelby GTs.


Great question. The automotive parts aftermarket is a competitive business. A handful of big online retailers dominate the market. These are the “category killers” with huge warehouses full of parts ready to ship out at a moment’s notice, that “kill off” the little mom and pops, who can’t possibly compete. Well, what we do is a little different from what the category killers do, and we think it is a way better value for the consumer. Let’s take a look.


For the past five years, 100% of our effort has gone in to the design, development, and manufacturing of the 65-68 Revology Mustangs and Shelby GTs. These cars were designed to be compatible with federal low volume vehicle legislation that passed in 2015. To do this required a significant amount of engineering work. Every one of the cars we have built over the past five years has featured our M58 platform. We have put tens of thousands of miles on the M58 platform, and we have developed and tuned it to its present form. This experience sets us apart. We know what works.


We have been building exclusively Revology Mustangs and Shelby GTs for over five years. So, we have a very in-depth understanding of what it takes to design and build a properly engineered Mustang restomod. We know what works and what doesn’t. These days it seems many companies are in a race to the bottom, trying to beat out their competitors on cost, to be able to offer the lowest priced product. Because, with everybody able to see every supplier’s prices on the Internet, people can easily shop around. And, we Americans love a deal. But what happens when that low-priced part fails? The reputable companies will of course exchange it for another. But, they won’t cover your cost of removal and reinstallation. Or the inconvenience (and/or embarrassment) of having your cherished Mustang break down. Or the cost of the tow truck. And on and on. There is a lot of substandard stuff out there. Don’t fall for it. At Revology we only sell what we use. We are building cars using these parts literally every day. We are driving them every day. We know what problems can occur, and how to fix them. A lot of the “category killers” offer multiple levels of product, e.g. an “economy” version and a “regular” version. Sometimes you see this as “imported” or “U.S.-made”. Why do they do this? We suppose the cheapo parts are for somebody building a car to flip it to an unsuspecting buyer. We don’t sell parts like that. We don’t use them, and we won’t sell them.

Parts Compatibility

Every parts company is trying to cash in on the Restomod movement. The result is an overwhelming array of parts available. Every company promises their parts will make your Mustang faster, more reliable, more comfortable, sing, dance, and cook you breakfast. However, and this is important, they only know about THEIR part. They don’t know how their part is going to interface with the other parts in your car. A car is not a collection of parts. It is a “system”. A part that is not carefully selected for the specific application can actually make the car slower, less reliable, less drivable, or worse, unsafe. This is why it is VERY important to ensure systems compatibility. Ensuring that all parts are designed to work together in harmony is known as vehicle integration. At Revology we are vehicle integration specialists Do you really want to build your car through trial and error? How many times do you want to remove and reinstall parts? How much time do you want to spend diagnosing why something doesn’t work as it should? Wouldn’t you prefer to spend your time driving it? Revology will provide you a complete, fully engineered systems solution. Not just a bunch of parts.

Tech support

Most aftermarket parts today are sold by a handful of “category killer” online retailers. These guys are great, when you know exactly what you need, and want it the next day. But, not so great when you have a question, or worse, an installation problem. The “category killer” guys will happily sell you parts all day long. But what happens when you have a question? Well, they sell literally hundreds of thousands of SKUs, so their understanding of any one part is basically who makes it, what does it fit, and how much does it cost. If you need more information, you’re on your own. Price matching Revology is a small company, so they can’t possibly be competitive on price, right? WRONG! We price match the “category killers”. We can do this because we buy direct from the manufacturer, just like they do. We will price match any of the reputable “category killer” stores’ published pricing on anything we sell.



Unparalleled experience building world-class Mustangs


The best quality parts available for each application

Parts Compatibility

To ensure everything works together for optimal performance, reliability, drivability, and safety

Price matching

Nobody beats our pricing on the same exact item

Tech support

To get you on the road faster