Revology Cars is the first company ever to be granted a license by Ford Motor Company to build a new reproduction Ford automobile. We build the world’s first new reproduction classic Mustang on our own platform, known as the M58. We developed the M58 platform to provide modern performance, reliability, drivability, and comfort, with improved safety vs. the original. Most of the components developed for the M58 will fit a vintage Mustang. Now all 64-68 Mustang owners can enjoy the benefit of properly engineered and carefully matched components that operate in harmony to deliver an unbeatable combination of performance, reliability, drivability, and comfort, with improved safety.


We are a car company first, and a parts company second. Since we build cars, we know what works best. We only sell parts we have designed and build in-house and aftermarket parts we have proven out in our production vehicles. We don’t have a huge warehouse with hundreds of thousands of SKUs ready to ship at any time, but we do offer competitive prices on the items we sell, because we buy direct from the manufacturers. Equally important, we offer expert advice on the items we sell, because we work with them every day and know them inside and out.


For the past five years, 100% of our effort has gone into the design, development, and manufacturing of the 1965-68 Revology Mustangs and Shelby GTs. Nothing else. Furthermore, every one of the cars we have built over the past five years has featured our M58 platform. We have put tens of thousands of miles on the M58 platform, and we have developed and tuned it to its present form. When you do one thing, you get pretty good at it.


A modern automobile is not simply a bunch of parts--it is made up of several carefully integrated vehicle systems. When designing an automobile, systems compatibility is very important. Ensuring that all parts work together in harmony is known as vehicle integration. Each component must be carefully selected for the specific application to ensure its compatibility with the vehicle system and integration with other systems. Selection of the wrong component can make the car slower, less reliable, less drivable, or worse, unsafe. At Revology we are vehicle integration specialists. We will provide you a complete, fully integrated systems solution--not just a bunch of parts.


At Revology, all we do are 1965-68 Mustangs with modern functional systems, so we know them inside and out. When you run into a problem, we can help you resolve it quickly and efficiently. Most aftermarket parts today are sold through big online retailers. This is fine when you know exactly what you need. However, with hundreds of thousands of SKUs to manage, their support is pretty much limited to what you can find on their websites.


Yes, really. In addition to Revology-exclusive components, we offer a variety of products designed and manufactured by high quality aftermarket companies. We don’t sell a wide variety of these parts, but since we specialize in only these items, we are able to be very competitive. This is not just talk--we will match our competitors’ published pricing on all the aftermarket parts we sell on our site. We can do this because we buy direct from the manufacturer, just like they do.



Unparalleled experience building world-class Mustangs


The best quality parts available for each application

Parts Compatibility

To ensure everything works together for optimal performance, reliability, drivability, and safety

Price matching

Nobody beats our pricing on the same exact item

Tech support

To get you on the road faster